The original, highest quality, sharpest looking, best fitting....all made at Colie Sails Pro Shop right here in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. The initial designs of our Deluxe items were done by Dev, as were the material and thread selection. Stephanie and Corby developed the patterns with his input. Corby, Joe, Perrie & Alex make the covers from start to finish. Finally, every product is personalized with your name or sail number!


Year after year, Colie covers are unquestionably the best designed and constructed covers and blade bags available anywhere. Our covers fit right, are easy to use, last forever* and make you and your boat look sharp! Everywhere that extra reinforcement might be necessary, we have added it. The thread selection and stitch pattern (we use three different sewing machines to make a cover) have been carefully selected to produce the very best finished product.



Why should I buy a Colie Deluxe cover for my boat?

(You'd be crazy not to!)


Colie Deluxe covers are made from "Top Gun," the highest quality marine fabric made in America. It is a rugged abrasion-resistant material with stay-true, long lasting colors. "Top Gun" is guaranteed for a five year period against excessive loss of color or strength under normal exposure conditions. It's also UV and mildew resistant, plus water repellent and breathable. All our covers are constructed from "Seagull Gray" Top Gun and are trimmed in a contrasting color.


Colie Deluxe covers are made in Point Pleasant, New Jersey by experienced sewing machine operators. Our covers are the best designed and constructed covers on the market, they fit right and look sharp. Everywhere that extra reinforcement might be needed, it has been added. Where zippers are used, we select only genuine YKK brand heavy duty #10's.


Colie Deluxe covers are sewn with "Tenara®" sewing thread by Gore which has a lifetime guarantee for sun-rot. We can say without hesitation that our covers last longer than any others we've seen or heard about.


Our prices have virtually stayed the same since 1996, even though we continue to upgrade materials used in our products. We make the best boat cover available anywhere in the world but it is made right here in the USA. Our original patterns fit right and last the longest because they are made with the highest quality materials available.


Every Colie Deluxe product includes your name or sail number, neatly stensiled on it for personalization. We'll personalize each Colie Deluxe cover with up to 10 letters or numbers, no extra charge!


Colie Deluxe covers have a light gray body called Seagull Gray and are trimmed with Blue, Dark Blue, Black, Charcoal, Teal, or Red, except where noted. Colie Deluxe blade bags are Seagull Gray with Charcoal trim.