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5th Annual Optimist Rigging Clinic

April 25, 2011 3:10:38 PM EDT

Our 5th Annual Rigging Clinic for Optimists is set for Sunday May 29, 2010, here at Colie Sails.

This is an annual opportunity to have your child¹s Optimist sail and spars properly "rigged and ready" for sailing this summer.

The clinic and our labor are FREE; you pay only for missing or worn out lines or hardware. Call to sign up for a time slot for a private rigging inspection and lesson while you child ties his or her sail on. Parents are invited to watch, with limited assistance! Bring your child, sail, blades, and spars. We¹ll have precut lines, bailers, whistles, lifejackets and other things you may need set up in the yard to make shopping easy.

Please join us for a fun morning! Call 732-892-4344 or 800-481-4349. Appointments start at 9am and run until noon. Call early!

Please pass this information on! We will have 3 or more sessions running simultaneously, and rely on you to reach out to new Optimist families.

Hope to see you May 29th!

-The gang at Colie Sails 

PS: The 4.7 Laser® is the fastest growing class on the Junior Sailing scene right now, worldwide and in the USA. We will have one rigged up on display.

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Stephanie Colie