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January 6, 2018 7:40:20 PM EST

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Sarah Moeder


Sarah Moeder, pictured above, is a 14 year old 8th grade student.  Sarah is a crew on a Club 420 with her skipper, Cordelia Burn.  The pair represent Bay Head Yacht Club, and over the Christmas break they competed in the Orange Bowl Regatta in Miami, FL.  The girls have been on FIRE lately in the C420 - they finished 6th overall in Miami - so we wanted to check in and get her take on crewing and sailing with a partner after Optimists.


Name:  Sarah Moeder
Age:  14
Grade:  8th grade 
Yacht Club:  Bay Head Yacht Club 
Tell me about Orange Bowl. You guys had an awesome event. What worked well last week? 
I think last week was mostly about having good boat speed being aware of the shifts. Being fast off of the line in and phase was the thing that put us at the top of the fleet. On the downwinds it was very important to always be working the spinnaker pole back while keeping the spinnaker from collapsing. 
What are a couple near term goals you want to work on?
Cordelia and I have been working on transitions throughout the race such as going from puffs to lights spots and light spots to puffs while keeping the boat relatively flat.  At the same time, we're trying to transition well from upwinds to reaches, reaches to downwinds, and downwinds to upwinds or reaches. Something that I’m working on personally is talking to Cordelia more about what’s going on around us like wind shifts, puffs, and light spots.
How do you like crewing?
I really really really like crewing. I think it’s a nice change from optis where you are skippering all of the time. My favorite part of crewing is trapping, although it has taken me a while to get used to it and I am still learning about how to improve my technique. I think that a lot of people starting club 420s and other double handed boats think that the crews job is less important, but what Cordelia and I have learned is that we both do an equal amount of work and our jobs our equally important.
You had a pretty solid Opti career, but it seems like you and Cordelia are lighting it up in the C420. Why do you think that is? 
I think we are doing well because of the positive relationship Cordelia and I have. Having a positive relationship has helped us remember that we are learning together and we both make mistakes. It also helps us stay patient with each other even during long periods of time together. I think being in a double handed boat has motivated me to push myself a little harder because my actions don’t only effect my results. In my opinion, it is hard to compare club 420s to optis because they are so different, but from a technical point of view, one thing we are doing that I didn’t do in optis is being very proactive with testing before the start and speed testing with other boats.
What's been your favorite regatta venue to sail?
This is a really hard question- over the summer we sailed at many venues and I liked them all. I think one of my favorites was at the Buffalo Canoe Club in Canada. Although it was very light during North Americans, there was a lot of space to rig and to put out boats and the people there were really friendly. I’m super excited to keep sailing in new places, meet more new people, and learn more about the c420.
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