Sailor Spotlight: Teddy Martin

February 9, 2018 9:44:53 AM EST

Sailor Spotlight:  Teddy Martin

Teddy Martin is an impressive 13 year old!  Teddy is a rockstar around Lake Hopatcong; he moves boats around the yacht club with his tractor, is a coveted crew on E-Scows, and is one of their top junior sailors.  But over the past year Teddy has upped his game by traveling down to the shore to compete against better kids.  He has also travelled nationally attending any regatta his parents will take him to.  This summer he's even going to try his hand at steering an E-Scow in between Opti events!  Keep a look out for this up-and-coming sailor!


Name: Teddy Martin
Age: 13
Yacht Club: Lake Hopatcong & Surf City Yacht Club (Summer Opti Team)

Grade in school:  7th grade at Tewksbury Middle School

1.  Teddy, you just returned from the Valentine's Day Regatta.  Tell me how the regatta went.  What were the conditions like?  How many races were there?  Were there split fleets?  How did you end up?  The Valentine's Day Regatta was sailed in St. Petersburg, Florida, which has a reputation for light wind.  The regatta started with light wind as expected, but by the end we had races that reached 15 knots. We sailed six races over two days. They had two fleets - Gold and Silver - racing on separate courses. There were 157 Gold fleet sailors so they divided the fleet randomly into four divisions. To make it fair, each division took turns racing the other divisions.  When it was all said and done, I ended up 46th overall after working to figure out the strong current.
2. You've done a lot of "off-season" training and racing the past couple years.  How has that helped elevate your game?  Are you a better sailor in the summer now that you sail in the fall, winter, and spring?  Last fall (2016) was my first "off-season" training experience and my first time sailing away from my home club. With the opportunity to practice off-season with the shore kids and great coaches (some of their faces I had seen on bigger boats), I'm now competing at the national level a lot sooner than I ever imagined. With the addition of fall, winter, and spring practicing my summer sailing has become more focused and competitive. It's been a huge advantage to be able to sail year round.

3. You sail at the Lake Hopatcong YC which is an awesome place to sail.  Last summer you came down to race on the Mantoloking Race Team.  Why the move down to Barnegat Bay?  Were you still able to sail on Lake Hopatcong?  Although I missed my yacht club on Lake Hopatcong, at Mantoloking YC the race team consisted of great sailors and was coached by Molly Horrocks (a super coach) both of which I was excited to join. MYC attends most of the summer USODA regattas I wanted to race in so that worked out well. Being down the shore on the Barnegat Bay, there was consistent wind every day to sail in. Last summer I still went back to Lake Hopatcong on weekends to sail on 'murphE's law' (an Escow). 

4. Yes!  You sail E-Scows when your Opti schedule permits.  How does E-Scow sailing help you with your Opti game?  What's your plan for this upcoming summer as far as E-Scows are concerned?  Sailing weekends on the Escow has helped improve my Opti skills and tactics. My skipper, Pat Flinn, always included me in analyzing the pre-start conditions and deciding where to position on the starting line.  We also always talked about our first leg up the race course. Next summer I'm going to be sailing with Mr. Wiss who is one of the greatest sailors at our club. I'm hoping to get a chance to steer the boat more often. 

5. I have to ask.  At the E-Scow Easterns two years ago at Lake Hopatcong YC, you were the little kid that was driving a John Deere trailer moving everyone's boats to the hoist.  At first people were reluctant to let an 11 year old back their boat down the hill and to the hoist, but after you did it a couple times you really surprised and impressed a lot of people by weaving in and out and driving the tractor like a pro.  How did you learn to drive a tractor like that?!  I grew up on our family's farm, and I've been driving the farm equipment since I could reach the controls. When the yacht club needed a machine to move the trailers my dad offered my John Deere tractor but only under the condition that I would drive it. I was excited, I knew it wouldn't be a problem since I've worked with equipment my whole life.

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