Sailor Spotlight - Alex Rogachenko

April 12, 2018 7:54:52 PM EDT

Sailor Spotlight:  Alex Rogachenko


Alex Rogachenko is a 32 year old member at Toms River Yacht Club.  His ubiquitous presence during the TRYC Spring and Fall series is noted and appreciated by all parents and sailors alike.  Quite frankly, Alex makes the series run.  He'll gather marks, keep time on the RC boat, inform sailors of the impending Skippers' Meeting and Awards, and walk through the boat park to make sure sailors are rigged and ready.  Alex has a positive attitude in everything he does, and his passion and energy are contagious.  Alex loves the sport of sailing, and he will do whatever he can to make sure that everyone else gets the same enjoyment from sailing as he does.

Name:  Alex Rogachenko
Age:  32
School Attended:  Mitchell College
Yacht Club:  Toms River Yacht Club

1) Alex, you are omnipresent at Toms River Yacht Club, always helping to run events.  We see you every year at the Spring and Fall series lending a hand.  What makes you want to give back to the sport of sailing and help as much as you do?  I give back to the sport of sailing because I developed a love for sailing growing up.  I want the younger sailors to also develop a love for sailing.   If I have a positive attitude about sailing, so will they.  I also want them to have the same opportunities I had when I was learning how to be a better sailor.  When you’re on the water life just makes sense.  You feel free.
2) Building on that, you also travel down to Miami in the winter to help at the Orange Bowl.  What do you do at the Orange Bowl every year to help with that regatta?  I help to launch and retrieve the Optis at Coral Reef Yacht Club.  I make sure the dollies are organized.  This is so the sailors can find them easier when they come in.  I also bring a positive attitude every day.  I make sure that the sailors have a safe and fun experience.  If they have fun, they may want to do Orange Bowl again. 
3) Your brother Kyle is one of the best sailors on Barnegat Bay.  What kind of boats does he sail and what do you think makes him a great sailor?  My brother has an E Scow and a Waszp.  Working hard and training makes him a good sailor.  Honing his skills by looking for the puffs and shifts helps make him a great sailor.  Also knowing how to read those shifts helped him become a good sailor.  He also fine-tuned his skills by competing against sailors from around the country and the world.  Observing other good sailors and their tactics helped him become a great sailor.
4) You've traveled a lot as a result of sailing.  What has been your favorite venue and why?  Lake Garda in Italy was my favorite venue.  I enjoyed watching my brother compete against sailors from other counties.  It was our first international regatta.  It was also my first trip to Italy.  It was the first time I saw a few hundred boats at one regatta. The first day, they had all the boats on one starting line.  Then they split up the fleet for the rest of the regatta.
5) Tell me about your other jobs that you do?  Where do you work and what do you get to do at those jobs?  I work for Morgan Engineering and the Lakewood Blue Claws.   At Morgan, I scan and index old files.   If we need to do an updated survey, we have a record of previous work done.  I also copy, seal, and package the surveys and other documents for the mail.  At the Blue Claws I work at concessions.  By having a positive attitude when I take the customers order, I ensure that they have a pleasant experience at the ballpark.  I also restock the products.

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