Sailor Spotlight - Peet Must

May 25, 2018 6:24:34 AM EDT

Sailor Spotlight:  Peeter Must

Peeter Must is arguably one of the best sailors on Barnegat Bay.  What makes Peet one of the best is his versatility; every boat Peet steps on he has success.  Peet understands the boats that he sails, works incredibly hard, and has a natural talent that most people would kill for.

Name: Peeter Must    
Age: 34
School Attended: United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point
Yacht Club: Toms River Yacht Club

1) Peet, you were a top junior sailor on Barnegat Bay in the late 90s.  Give me a brief update of your sailing history and what you've done in your sailing career.
I have been fortunate throughout my sailing career to participate in sailing at all levels, all around the world. Competing against the top sailors in the country and globally has been very beneficial to my development as a racer and as an individual. A few highlights that stand out in my memory include two South American Championships and a World Championship in the Optimist, as well as tremendous opportunities with the Kings Point Sailing team, including traveling every weekend for dinghy regattas, long distance offshore racing on a 100ft canting keel maxi, and skippering the Farr 40 World Championship. During my tenure on the Kings Point team, we achieved multiple national championships. Post college, my sailing career included a 49er Olympic campaign, and lots of Melges 20 and Melges E-Scow racing.
2) You and Carl Horrocks did a 49er campaign for the 2012 Olympics.  What were some of your highlights?  What were the challenges of the 49er campaign?
Carl and I hopped into Antony Kotoun's 49er in Newport, RI and were instantly hooked. The boat is a rocket! Boat handling, tuning and tactics are all critical on the 49er, and that is what drew us to this twin trapeze skiff. We both quit our jobs and practiced as much as humanly possible to get up to speed ASAP. We were fortunate to join the US Sailing Team almost immediately and with that the benefit of coaching and logistical support. Traveling and competing throughout Europe was definitely the highlight of the 49er and with any Olympic Sailing campaign our biggest challenge was funding the campaign. We closed out our campaign as the second ranked 49er in the US!
3) Last weekend was the Waszp ACCs at Toms River Yacht Club.  We had 20+ boats on the line, and it was incredible to see the improvement in this relatively new fleet.  You were the top finishing boat from Barnegat Bay.  What was your take on the regatta and clinic beforehand?
The Waszp ACC's was an amazing event. It was the largest US Waszp event to date and competitors traveled from around the country to participate. The biggest attraction and take away from the event was a two day clinic held beforehand by Colie Sails and Mr. Waszp himself, Andrew MacDougall (AMAC). The tuning, tips, and coaching provided were invaluable and combined with an event of over 20 boats was simply spectacular for the fleet. The foiling Waszp is relatively new to all sailors and there is still so much to learn -- the Waszp ACC's and clinic setup the ideal conditions to foster such a learning environment. Everyone who participated was able to elevate his own program to new levels.
4) You are a valued member of the Torch Performance Team, organized by Henry Colie and Peter Kellogg.  Tell me about that program and everything that they are doing to promote sailing on Barnegat Bay and beyond.
Torch Performance, spearheaded by Henry Colie and sponsored by Peter Kellogg, is truly a remarkable program. The opportunities made available by the generosity of Team Torch are too numerous and diverse to list in one paragraph; however, for example, last summer Torch Performance sponsored clinics for the junior sailors of Barnegat Bay, free of charge. These clinics were run by myself and Sailorcise over eight weekends where ninety-four sailors, ages seven to eighteen years old participated and were afforded the unique opportunity to experience high-performance sailing on the Waszp. Through Sailorcise, sailors were also introduced to sailing-centric fitness and nutrition. It was truly special to be a part of this generous program.
5) I understand you have some big plans this summer sailing on Interlodge with Austin Fragomen!  What's that program look like?
I am really excited to join Team Interlodge on their new Pac52 this summer in California. The Fragomens are no strangers to the 52 fleet; however, the Pac52 is a relatively new Transpac 52 design and this is Team Interlodge's first season in the new class. The racing is comprised of a 5 event circuit throughout California attracting the top sailors in the world. The first event I will be participating in will be next week racing out of Marina Del Rey, and I am so looking forward to this amazing opportunity.


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