Sailor Spotlight: Will Kernan

August 16, 2018 4:57:36 PM EDT

Sailor Spotlight:  Will Kernan

Will Kernan is a 13 year old sailor who can't spend enough time on the water.  Will loves to sail; whether it's Optis, M-Scows, Manasquan River Prams, or (soon to be) 420s, Will would sail every day if he could!  This summer, Will is reaping the benefits of all the hours he's put in during the off-season.  With a win at the 100+ boat Caryn Wilson regatta and top finishes at other BBYRA events, Will has become one of the top junior sailors in our area.  What makes Will even more impressive, though, is his friendly personality and enthusiasm for the sport.  He is fan favorite among his peers!

Name: William Kernan 
Age: 13
School: Wall Intermediate School
Yacht Club: Lavallette Yacht Club & Manasquan River Yacht Club

1) Will, tell me about your summer program this year.  Where are you sailing?  Who is in your group?  Who is your coach?  I have been sailing out of Mantoloking yacht club all summer. My coaches are Noah Glosenger  and Tori Blundin. This summer I’ve been sailing with Jake Witkowski, Bridger Espinosa, and Gabriel Pasquale.
2) It seems like you've had a really nice summer.  Every time I look at the results, I see your name at the top.  What has been your best regatta so far?   What do you think contributed towards your success there?  My best regatta has been the Caryn Wilson out of Lavallette Yacht Club. What contributed to my success at this regatta was repeatedly testing the course and the line before each start and having a game plan before each race. What also helped was my local knowledge of the area from sailing M-Scows ( LA96 ) with my brother Riley Kernan, every Sunday at LYC. 
3) You've sailed Optis for many years.  What boat will you sail next and when will you make the transition?  How do you determine which boat you are going into?  My next boat will be a 420. I plan to  transition to the boat during the Fall to be ready for the next summer. I decided on 420 by thinking more about the future of my sailing career, such as a college dinghy team. 
4) In the winter, I know you are involved in the Manasquan River Pram fleet.  Can you tell me about that racing?  In the Winter not much sailing goes on so I like to keep myself busy by sailing in the Manasquan River Yacht Club Frost-bite series. I skipper a Winter pram (MR13) with my mom, Suzanne Kernan, as crew. The competition is very tough, especially in the cold. My mom and I placed first this season and plan to defend our to title next Winter. 
5) What are a couple of your near-term goals?  What are a few things that you are working on right now to take your game to the next level? Some of my near term goals are to join a high school or college sailing team. I’m attempting to do this by taking every sailing opportunity I can and get as much experience as I can.
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