Sailor Spotlight - Turner Ryon

September 28, 2018 7:30:00 AM EDT

Sailor Spotlight:  Turner Ryon


Turner Ryon is a young Opti sailor from Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club.  Collectively, Turner and his teammates are working harder than ever to up their sailing game. Turner sails at LEHYC in the summer and then continues his training in the fall, winter, and spring.  With off-season training, it's incredible to see the jump that Turner has made in the local fleet.

Turner is one of the most genuine, sincere sailors you will meet.  He's admired by his peers and friendly to everybody.  He works hard on the water; you can't keep him away from sailing practice.  It's so exciting to see Turner and his teammates put so much energy into their training and make big leaps in the results.  The future is bright!

Name:  Turner Ryon
Age:  11

School:  Blue Mountain Middle School
Yacht Club:  Little Egg Harbor YC

1) Turner, last weekend was the Opti ACCs at Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club.  Tell me about the event.  What were the conditions like?  How many boats were there?  How did you end up doing?  The first day, the wind was weird. The velocity was up and down throughout the day.  The wind also shifted a lot, going between the Northwest and the Northeast.   The second day it was raining. The wind was about 8 knots out of the East and very shifty.   There were 149 boats in the event.  I finished up 57th which was just short of my goal of top 25%.  The highlight of the event for me was getting to the first mark in first during the first race! 


2) First at the first mark?  Nice job!  It must be so nice to have a major USODA regatta at your home club.  Is there an advantage to having a big event at home?  What makes it so important?  The coaches and I knew the area very well.   This was a big advantage because we had an idea of how the wind was going to act, though the weather was so weird that it didn't help too much.  It was great to share our club with sailors from around the country.  My family was even able host a sailor from Pensacola named Gil Hackel.  We had so much fun showing him Beach Haven, learning about his sailing experiences and how he trains.   It's awesome to make friends with sailors from around the country.  That's part of what makes going to these big regattas so much fun.

3) You are part of a young group of LEHYC sailors who have really come on strong lately.  There are a handful of families that are sailing a lot and pushing hard.  Tell me about your training regimen.  Who's been sailing on your team?  Who's been coaching you lately?   Our coaches this summer at Little Egg were Mike Dowd, Nick Stefanoni and Harrison Bailey.  I also sail with CERT beyond my LEHYC team.  The CERT coaches typically include Mike Dowd, Diego Perez, Will Brown, Randy Hartranft, Molly Horrocks and Jerry Tullo.  My Little Egg team mates are Teddy Stoldt, Aidan Millar, Xavier Stoldt, Lowell Cuff, Bella Cremer, Connor McHugh, Dillion Millar, Mathew Black, Ryan Black, Sean Bodnar and Drew D’Orsi.  I also think of all of the CERT team members as my team mates.  We are all friends with each other, and we are all working towards a common goal.  My training regimen includes sailing with LEHYC in the summer and CERT in the off-season.  I also swim competitively in the off season.  This helps me stay in shape.

4) What's on the rest of the calendar for the fall?  Will you be focusing on training?  Are there any more events coming up? I will be attending all the CERT practices on the weekends during the fall.  The regattas I plan to attend are New Englands (October in Newport), Spring Team Qualifiers (November in New Orleans) and the Orange Bowl (during Christmas in Miami).

5) What is one thing that you do really well while sailing?  What's something that you need to continue to work on?  I think my boat speed is my biggest advantage.  I’ve been sailing very fast down wind lately.  I need to continue to work on my starts and the second upwind leg.

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