420 Trailering Top Cover: Colie Deluxe

420 Colie Deluxe Trailering Top Cover

~ The Colie Deluxe trailering top cover is designed specifically for trailering
~ There is no extra room underneath
~ It fits the deck of the boat perfectly
~ A skirt encloses a preset 1/4 inch bungee, making it a breeze to put on and take off each day
~ Four 1 inch heavy duty straps go under the hull and hold the cover tight with quick release adjustable buckles
~ Colie Deluxe covers are made from Top Gun®, the highest quality marine fabric made in America. It is a rugged abrasion-resistant material with stay-true, long lasting colors. It's also UV and mildew resistant, plus water repellent and breathable. All our covers are constructed from "Seagull Gray" Top Gun and are trimmed in a contrasting color
~ Colie Deluxe covers are sewn with Tenara® thread by Gore which has a lifetime guarantee for sun-rot. We can say without hesitation that our covers last longer than any others we've seen or heard about
~ Every Colie Deluxe product includes your name or sail number, neatly stenciled on it for personalization

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