Laser Daggerboard Bungee System
Clay designed this system for his Laser. Daggerboard bungee is tied off on both ends at the fairleads on the deck plate with blocks. Plastic stopper balls are used to keep the bungee attached. A piece of 2 mm spectra is spliced onto the bungee as a "connector" line. The other end is spliced to a snap shackle. The line is thin enough that it sits between the deck cleats. The snap shackle clips on to a piece of provided 2 mm spectra that ties around your daggerboard. Attaches and removes easily for easy access. **Clay's tip: tie the line on the daggerboard ON TOP of the daggerboard so the bungee pulls the daggerboard DOWN and not forward. This will help keep the daggerboard down in choppy conditions when it's likely to come up.

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