Convenient storage in the back of cockpit is ideal for extra gear or a cooler.

Patented kick-up rudder makes beach launches, landings, and shallow-water sailing effortless.

Self-bailing cockpit.
Lateen rigged sail: automatically de-powers when hit by a gust of wind.
Mainsheet is the only control line that you need to enjoy the simple pleasures of sailing a Sunfish.
Recreational version comes with a colored striped sail of your choice
Optional window in colored sail
The popularity of the Sunfish has fostered a strong racing community.
The Sunfish Race version includes component upgrades such as an outhaul, cunningham, race-sail with window, and quick release gooseneck.
The International Sunfish Class has a full time staff that sanctions more than 1000 racing events each year. The class will keep you posted with its quarterly magazine Windward Leg and provide valuable performance tips. You’ll always have someone to challenge you.

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