Colie Sails is pleased offer an in-season discount for current ISSA and ISCA sailing team members.

Give us a call or send an email for the CODE to fill in at check out for the discount to be applied to your order. Your team members will also save on shipping if they place one order rather than multiple individual orders. 

Here is a list of suggested items for sailors new to high school and college sailing. Go to Frostbite for a suggested list of items for Fall and Spring or go to Fall for suggestions for Fall. 

Spray Jacket

Spray Jacket:


A spray jacket is highly recommended for all high school and college sailors. This jacket is made of windproof and waterproof material, so it is perfect for providing protection against mild to moderate cold weather. The wrists, neck, and waist are sealed, thus providing a SEMI-waterproof layer if you manage to get submerged in water (for a completely water-proof seal, look into purchasing a dry suit). A spray jacket is versatile and can be used year round, even in the summer on rainy days. It’s a good idea to buy your spray jacket a little big-that way you can layer underneath it. Our most popular spray top is the Gill Pro Top.
Thermal Top

Thermal Tops:


In cold weather sailing, just a rashguard isn’t going to keep you warm! You will need an additional layer that will provide you with extra insulation. When it’s not too cold out, try the Zhik Hydrophobic Fleece Top. This top with reduce wind chill when it’s worn on its own, or it can be used as a bottom layer in colder conditions. If you want to stay super warm, you have to try the Zhik Superwarm Top. This 4 layer top heats up your body temperature in extremely cold conditions, yet it is stretchy and really comfortable. Remember, you want to wear any thermal top tight to your body. Any excess space between you and your top leaves room for the cold to get in!

Leggings, Pants and Salopettes



Just like spray jackets, salopettes are made of windproof and waterproof material, so they will keep you dry out on the water. Our most popular are the Gill Pro Salopettes. Although the material is waterproof against rain, waves, and other water contact, if you fall into the water wearing these pants, you’re likely to get completely soaked. Therefore, it is recommended to wear a layer underneath these pants. A good suggestion is pants made out of neoprene, a fabric that reflects your own body heat to keep you warm, even when wet! S.E.A. (Sail Equipment Australia) makes a good pair called S.E.A. Metalite pants. Additionally, we carry Zhik mircofleece pants that keep you warm in cool conditions and cool in warm conditions.




In the coldest of weather, you will need a drysuit to keep you warm (and alive) if you fall in the water! Drysuits have waterproof seals on your wrists and neck so your body will stay completely dry. The Gill Pro Drysuit is breathable, lightweight, and durable. This drysuit will not impede on your ability to move! It’s still a good idea to layer underneath your drysuit for added warmth. Drysuits are required at many winter and spring events, so check with event coordinators to see if you’ll need one!




Sailing gloves are important in all types of weather, but they are essential in cold weather sailing. You can’t trim a sheet if your hands are numb! For fall sailing, try the Gill Three Seasons glove. They will keep your hands warm and provide you with extra grip and protection. For winter sailing, you need a winter glove! Gill and Magic Marine both make great winter gloves. The Gill Winter Glove is water resistant, provides excellent grip, and has a long cuff that offers extra warm. The Magic Marine Dry Glove has titanium coated 3mm Neoprene with a dry seal wrist. These gloves will fit underneath your dry suit to provide a waterproof seal.




A good pair of hiking boots will provide your ankles with support hiking out in all seasons. Year round, our most popular boot is the Gill Aero boot. In cold weather sailing, you will need an extra layer under your boots for added warmth. Gill Neoprene socks offer extra warmth in colder conditions. For those really cold days, try SealSkinz waterproof socks. They will keep your feet dry inside your boots!




Cold weather sailing can be brutal if your head isn’t warm! It is important to have a warm hat that covers your head and your ears. Gill makes several types of hats. The Artic Skull cap is made out of soft Polartec fleece and fits tight on your skull to keep your head and ears warm. The Windproof Fleece hat has three layers of microfleece that is windproof and waterproof. Another great brand is OR (Outdoor Research). Their Wind Pro hat is windproof with a layer of fleece on the inside to keep your head extra warm. OR offers many different types of hats-too many to list here! Please call or visit our shop to explore other options.




Bottom line: a coast guard approved life vest is required for all high school and college sailing. Our most popular coast guard approved vests are the Stohlquist Edge and the MTI Vibe, but Astral and Stohlquist also make several other great options. Life Jackets are something that is important to try on or discuss to make sure you get the right one.  Come to our shop and try some on, or call 800-481-4349 and we can try and size you over the phone.

Gear Bags

Gear Bag:


Fall and winter sailing requires a lot of extra gear, so you’ll need a bag to carry it all in when you’re going to practice or reagattas! The Gill Cargo Bag, Compact Bag, and Tarp Barrel Bag have been popular options for storing sailing gear. If you’re planning on leaving your bag on a spectator or coach boat, you might consider purchasing a dry bag. Gill and Zhik both make duffel bag sized dry bags, which will keep your gear completely dry! Gill also has 5, 10, 25, and 50 Liter Dry bags, depending on how much storage room you need. For an option that is a bit more fun, try the OR lightweight Dry Sack, which comes in several different fun and funky patterns.


We hope this guide is helpful in preparing you for high school and college sailing! Remember, each item mentioned on here is one of many options. If you are curious about an item not listed on this page, please call us at 800-481-4349 and we will explore every option to best fit your needs!